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In September, we reported August trading volume, launched options on the S&P 500 ESG Index, shared market insights and more. Follow us on Twitter for daily updates as we continue defining markets and check back here at the end of October for our next monthly update.

Cboe Reports August 2020 Trading Volume
Cboe reported its August 2020 trading volume on September 3. Average Daily Volume (ADV) across Cboe’s four options exchanges was up 13 percent and total ADV across Cboe’s four equities exchanges was up seven percent from August 2019.

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How to Tame Risk with VIX Futures and Options

Record volatility in early 2020 along with potential heightened uncertainty around the U.S. presidential election, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other concerns have increased interest in harnessing tradable volatility products to manage risk. Matt Moran, Director, Institutional Product Advancement at Cboe, details how market participants can use VIX futures and options to manage risk ahead of potential market events.

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How to Achieve Block Size Executions with MATCHNow Conditionals

The Canadian equity trading landscape has evolved over the past decade, leading to the rise of dark pools, inverted venues, minimum guaranteed fill facilities and asymmetrical speed bumps. Client demand and the difficulty in sourcing blocks within a fragmented marketplace led MATCHNow to launch Conditional Trading in January 2019. In a recent analysis, Steven Flaming, Director, Canadian Equities, illustrates the benefits of using Conditional Order Types to achieve block executions.

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Cboe Launches Options on the S&P 500 ESG Index

On September 21, Cboe listed for trading options on the S&P 500 ESG Index. Driven by growing demand, the new options are designed to help market participants trade, hedge or gain exposure to U.S. equities meeting sustainability criteria.

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Understanding Values-Based Investing with Cboe’s New S&P 500 ESG Index Options

The S&P 500 ESG Index is designed to align investment objectives with environmental, social and governance (ESG) values, and the new index options are a potential tool for investors to implement hedging, risk management, income enhancement and asset allocation strategies. In celebration of the launch of Cboe’s S&P 500 ESG Index options, we shared some recent findings and trends in ESG investing.

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Cboe Information Solutions: Defining Markets with the Power of Data and Analytics

Catherine Clay, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Information Solutions, recently sat down with Markets Media to discuss Cboe Information Solutions. Built to help clients gain market insights and better understand their portfolio risk in real-time, Cboe’s Information Solutions provides transparency, access and ease to customers to drive better-informed, more confident trading decisions.

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Our People: Getting to Know Bryan Blake

Bryan Blake joined Cboe in August as part of the company’s acquisition of MATCHNow. We talked with Bryan about MATCHNow, leading the Canadian equities business, his path to today and more.

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